Paadal v1.0

Paadal is a portal for analysing and browsing Tamil lyrics. This portal features a search and rank, exclusively designed for Tamil lyrics. Rhyme, simile, freshness, pleasantness and many such features of lyrics are scored based on our scoring models. Songs can be read in Tamil or Olingo. All songs in the portal are also being translated into English. This portal is a tribute to all Tamil lyric writers. Exclusive write-ups on lyric writers, their speciality and statistics will also available in the portal.

Type Tamil or Olingo word(s) in the box. You can use the regular English keyboard to type Tamil or Olingo words. If you prefer to use your own Tamil keyboard, make sure you turn the lock button in the text box to red. You may also use the onscreen keyboard to enter your Tamil word.

After entering the keyword(s), hit find to display lyrics matching your search. Lyrics are displayed based on our ranking algorithm. Only the top 100 results are displayed. Be more specific in your search keywords for us to get you the right results to the top. Advanced search will be available soon.

Results are displayed in small boxes with song name, movie name, snippet and a flower. The snippet will give the first occurrence of the search word in the lyric. The flower represents the three-level-genre of the lyric. In the future, the flower will visualise more detailed information about the song.

Genre & Flower:
All lyrics are presently classified manually with a three level genre classification.
1) Base - 2) Mood - 3) Style
The outer petals of a flower will denote the base genre.

Romantic - Red; Nature - Green; Philosophy - Blue; Festival - Orange; Occasion - Yellow; Relationships - Brown; Patriotic - Purple; Spiritual - White; Misc - Grey
The centre circle of the flower represents the mood of the lyric.
Happy - Green; Excited - Orange; Tender - Pink; Scared- Yellow; Angry - Red; Sad - Blue
The inner petals of the flower denote the style of the lyric.
Traditional - White; Folk - Brown; Contemporary - Black; Mixed - Grey

Lyric Page:
Clicking the search results will land you in a lyric page. A lyric page is divided into three major columns. The first column gives the collected meta-data about the song. The second column displays the lyric in source language. This column display can be changed to show the Olingo representation or Translation(if available). All lyrics in the portal are transliterated by our Olingo transliterator. The third column gives the scores for the lyric based on our scoring models. The flower visualisation of lyric can be found in the lower right corner next to the lyricist image. Clicking on the lyricist may take you to the lyricist profile if a linked profile page is available.

The purpose of this portal is to create a platform to analyse and browse Tamil lyrics. The data and information are collected from various sources. Incase you find any information wrong, please write to us. We are a non-profit organisation. None of the items available in this site is for sale. This portal is advertisement free. There are no song listings in this site based on lyricists. We thank all lyricists and makers for making this portal possible.

Please email your comments & suggestions to

I hope you find this tool useful.

Dr. Madhan Karky

Core Development Team:
Karthikeyan Sethuraman
Elanchezhian Karuppasamy
Rajapandian Chandramuthu

Translations & Genre Classification:
Nandini Karky

Lyricist Profile Writeups:
N Chokkan

Meta Data Collection:
Prathap Murugan

Additional Development:
Rhyme Score : Surya M
Pleasantness & Emotion Detection : Giruba B
Lyric Classification : Tamilselvi
Simile Analysis : Revathy, Shanthi & Sherene
Visualisation : Kamali & Nandhini

Lyric Verification & Entry:
Manju Bashini