Emoni v1.0.

Emoni is a Tamil rhyme finder tool designed for poets, lyricists & other writers who have the need to find rhyming words.

Type a Tamil word in the box. You can use the regular English keyboard to type Tamil words. If you prefer to use your own Tamil keyboard, make sure you turn the lock button in the text box to red. You may also use the onscreen keyboard to enter your Tamil word.

After entering the Tamil word, hit find to display rhyming words. Emonis, the words that rhyme with the given-word and match strictly to the meter of the given-word, will be displayed.

Emonis can be filtered by Edhugai(second letter match), Monai(first letter match) or Iyaibu(last letter match). You can also have combination filters.

Please note that not all emonis are displayed in one screen. Click on any emoni, to find more emonis.

Sub-filters such as inai-edhukai(second letter match in same family) will be added.

Please email your comments & suggestions to info@karky.in

I hope you find this tool useful.

Dr. Madhan Karky

Development Team:
Karthikeyan Sethuraman
Elanchezhian Karuppasamy
Rajapandian Chandramuthu