Olingo v1.0

Olingo is a simple Tamil transliteration standard/tool.

Olingo Standard:
Olingo standard maps Tamil UNICODE characters to corresponding English phonetic representation based on language phonetic rules. The primary objective of Olingo standard is readability of transliterated text. The secondary objective of the standard is to provide a reverse mapping.

Olingo Tool:
You may use this tool to convert Tamil UNICODE text to Olingo representation and to convert from Olingo representation to Tamil UNICODE. Please note that this tool WILL NOT convert from non-Olingo representations to Tamil UNICODE.

Copy/Paste Tamil UNICODE text or Olingo representation from any source(documents/news portals/blogs/tweets/...) in to the text box for conversion and click the convert button.
You can also type Tamil UNICODE or Olingo representation using your own Tamil keyboard and click convert.

Mouse over the info button will provide you with word & letter level statistics of your text.

There are a few issues identified with the reverse mapping.
We are working on it to fix them in our next update.

Please email your comments & suggestions to info@karky.in

I hope you find Olingo useful.

Dr. Madhan Karky

Development Team:
Tamil - Olingoa - Tamil
Karthikeyan Sethuraman
Elanchezhian Karuppasamy
Rajapandian Chandramuthu
Other Languages - olingoa
Aarthy Anandan
Anitha Narasimhan