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Course Title
Read Write Tamil

This course focuses on learning to read and write the Tamil language.

The Read and Write Tamil Course will help the learners
  • To become familiar with the Tamil alphabets which are syllabic in nature.
  • To know the intricacies regarding the shapes of the alphabets.
Once the writing process is internalized, the reading aspect automatically falls in place. Becoming familiar with all the shapes and being able to write them correctly is a challenging task and we will help you to do that.

Course Outcomes
• Ability to read Tamil signboards, newspapers, magazines etc.
• Ability to write Tamil words and sentences.
Course Duration
5 months, 2 hours per week
Course Location
Chennai, India
Course Fee
INR 25,000/- (For Indian citizens)
INR 100,000/- (For non-Indian citizens)
7+ (Adults and children together)
Tentative Course Start Date
January 20, 2018
Batch Strength
5 to 10 max
Batch 1 - Sat & Sun 10am - 11am
Batch 2 - Sat & Sun 3pm - 4pm

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