Dr. Madhan Karky Vairamuthu

  • Academic Profile

Personal Details

  • Citizenship: Indian Citizen Resident
  • Languages known: English, Tamil and Chinese (Mandarin)


  • Date of Birth: 10th March 1980
  • Web: www.karky.in

Academic and Professional Experience

Research Head
Jan 2013 - Present

Researching in language computing area. Publishing research works. Designing and coordinating development of language tools in the field of Language computing.

  • Chol - Online Bilingual Dictionary
  • PiriPori - Tamil Morphological Analyser
  • Emoni - Rhyme Finder for Tamil
  • Paeri - Name Generator
  • Paadal - Lyric Portal
  • Kural - Online Portal for Thirukural
  • Olingo - Online Transliterator
  • Aadugalam - Tamil Word Games Portal
Research Associate
Jun 2001 - Dec 2001

Worked on projects sponsored by the Ministry of Information Technology, India, as a part of its Resource Centre for Indian Language Technology Solutions (RCILTS) for Tamil. Contributed to- wards designing and building structural components of high level semantic functionalities for the development of various software packages for Tamil.



Languages worked with:
  • C,
  • C++,
  • Java,
  • Visual Basic,
  • Prolog,
  • ASP,

  • Javascript,
  • PL/SQL,
  • HTML,
  • PERL,
  • Magma,
  • Foxpro
  • Treasurer of CSEA, Anna University from 2010-2013
  • Wrote lyrics and co-wrote dialogues for the Sci-Fi blockbuster Endhiran (a) Robot
  • Founded Mellinam Education and authored Mellinam's first product iPaatti 1.0 a Tamil song book with Audio CD for children in 2008.
  • Served as the Vice President of the Tamil Association of Queensland (Inc.) for 2006-2007
  • Have organised various cultural and community events in Australia on a larger scale for charity
  • Member of Red Cross Australia and Film Clubs in Brisbane
  • Secretary of Tamil Brisbane (Inc.) Australia providing induction services to visitors of Brisbane and conducting community activities
  • Was in the founding committee and member of the Indian Students Association at The Unviersity of Queensland in 2003
  • Was the course organiser for the Multimedia Workshop conducted as a part of the activities of RCILTS-Tamil at Anna University in 2001
  • As the member of Computer Society of Anna University, worked with Lions Club, Chennai to conduct computer awareness courses to the State School teachers in 2001
  • Was the event organiser of ABACUS2001 in Anna Unviersity in 2001
  • Served as Executive Member, Secretary and Webmaster for Computer Society of Anna University during the years of undergraduate study
  • Technical volunteer for the Indian Science Congress and National Children's Science Congress in 1998 held at Anna University, Chennai, India
  • Was a Navy Cadet in National Cadet Corps during 1997-1998
  • Participated in Road Safety Patrol and was the President of the Young Students Society while in High School
  • Reading and writing poems
  • Listening and composing songs
  • Browsing and designing websites
  • Tasting and cooking variety cuisine