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Karky means bitter in russian. I was named after Maxim Gorky, a famous Russian writer. My father, Mr. Vairamuthu, was an ardent fan of Gorky's works.

I see a lyric as a building, a bridge or a software, in short, a process. I envision a process applying scientific and mathematical principles to develop effective lyrics. Lyric Engineering is my pet research topic. Lyric Mining, Lyricist Modeling, Rhyme Analysis, Pleasantness, Freshness, Semantic Analysis, Lyric Visualisation are a few interesting topics in the field of Lyric Engineering.

The first song I wrote for a movie is 'Irumbile' for Endhiran : The Robot. The first song that released was 'Odo Odo' from Kanden Kadhalai First song that got recorded was 'Hola Amigo' in Ilamai Idho Idho adding more to it, every song I write, I feel, is my first song.

Yes. I co-wrote Endhiran along with Director Shankar and Writer Sujatha. 'Dot' in Endhiran was my first dialogue. I also co-wrote Nanban dialogues along with Director Shankar.

Almost anywhere. Cafes, beaches, salons, peak hour traffic roads any place with a lot of buzz around.

Our hero is a photographer in the movie who is in love. He captures the pleasant confusions over a relationship using his own terminologies. Kuviyam = Focus Kuviyamillaa = Out of Focus Kaatchi Paezhai = Display Unit (TV Screen, Computer Monitor or the small display behind the camera) Kaatchi paezhai refers to his own world and Kuviyamillaa refers to the lack of clarity.