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is an online Tamil-English-Tamil dictionary with definitions in English and Tamil and example sentences. Chol features words from ancient literature to modern technology. New words are being added every month.
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is a morphological analyser and compound word splitter for Tamil. Piripori can handle 35 crore morphological variations in Tamil nouns, verbs and numerous compound nouns.
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is a tool for transliteration. You can convert the sounds from one Indian language script to another Indian language. Available for Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, English and a few other Indian languages.
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is a name generator that can generate around 9 crore boy / girl names based on Tamil phonetics. You can also browse common and trendy Tamil names with their meaning.
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is a rhyme finder tool designed based on Tamil's rhyme schemes edhugai(second letter) moanai(first letter) and iyaibu(end letter). A handy tool for writers.
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Kural is a portal to browse and explore Thirukural. Search by numbers, words or meaning in Tamil and English. This portal provides four interpretations of kurals with an unique interface and search engine designed and developed for browsing kurals.
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eN is a simple number to text convertor. The tool can be used to convert 18 digit numbers to equivalent Tamil and English words. This tool will be a handy plugin for text to speech engines to convert numbers to speech.
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lyric portal offers an interface to browse and research Tamil song lyrics. This portal features an exclusive search engine and lyric visualisation designed to browse lyrics. The site also provides with scoring for pleasantness, freshness and rhyme in lyrics.
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is a portal for word games. There is no better way to learn a language than to play with it. Games like porul will challenge your vocabulary skills. Pudhayal is a unique maze game. soRkoa is a word game that will test your pattern matching by challenging you to find words with different consonant vowel combinations.